A downloadable game

This is my very first game!  I'm very proud of all the work I put into it.

It's a basic shooter.  Nothing too special about it -- however, there is a small twist.  Normally, in space shooters, you have unlimited ammunition and can fire away to your heart's content (some even just fire a stream of lasers without even having to press a button, always shooting!).  

In this game, ammunition is limited.  You'll have to shoot special glowing space rocks to collect energy for your weapon.  At first, life is easy, but as soon as more enemies come you may just be getting desperate enough for firepower that you'll crash yourself into asteroids just to harvest their plasma for your rifle...

Oh, and no health packs.  Have fun!

Please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for making this game better, or any additional content.  I want to expand on this game after the jam is over and really make it special, with a full soundtrack, story, and everything!

This game is dedicated to all those who believed in me, and cheered me on along the journey to get here.  My mother, Colton, and Justin, my siblings who playtest for me, and anyone who executes this file -- thank you so much!   And special thanks to Ben Anderson, of course, because without him I wouldn't understand macros at all.

-Maximilian Deising